About Us - Meet the Sherpas


With over 20 years combined in the corporate video and wedding film industry, Matt and Ryan have built companies that have allowed them to film all over the world in exotic locations – for celebrities as well as international brands, they’ve won multiple international awards – and they consistently collect over $1million in annual revenue.

The work/life balance they strived for from the beginning of their freelance businesses was not easily attained and took years of learning; a lot of that time was spent learning from mistakes each would make.

Each having their own little family, Matt and Ryan created Studio Sherpas in order to help others achieve success by shifting perspectives by becoming a business owner first and a video producer/filmmaker second. Let them show you how to mold your career into something you LOVE to do instead of something you HAVE to do.

Ryan's brand for business is called Tell and lives here: gototell.com
His wedding work lives here: epicmotion.com

Matt's wedding brand is: lifestagefilms.com
His brand for business is: harvestfilmworks.com


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